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Ammonia Cracker gas generator produces mixture of Hydrogen and Nitrogen which is commonly used in Heat treatment furnaces. Ammonia gas from cylinders is passed over a bed of Nickel Catalyst at 850 degree celcius temperatures and cracking takes place into its basic constituents i.e. 75% H2 & 25% N2. Ammonia cracking reaction is Endothermic and hence it requires heat from outside source. The source is electrically heated type furnace (Rectangular shape) and a Retort made of heat resistant provided inside to hold the catalyst.
The ammonia cracking reaction is endothermic and takes place at approximately at 850 degree celcius temperatures. The heat of reaction is supplied by providing electrical heating elements in the heating chamber. The furnace has temperature controller for automatic temperature control, which controls the reaction temperature.
The cracked ammonia gas coming out from the bottom of the retort at around 850 degree celcius is then passed through the heat inter-changer to pre-heat the un-cracked ammonia feed. Here the cracked gases gets cooled to around 400 degree celcius. For further cooling these gases now passes through a water cooler to bring them to around 40 degree celcius.
  • Fully automatic, skid mounted units.
  • Rectangular furnace has hinged type door for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Power consumption is low as 0.5 KW per NM3 of gas generated.
  • Skin temperature as low as 35 degree celcius above ambient.
  • High turn down ratio.
  • Very safe and proven design, No operator is required.