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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger
Our offered heat exchangers are widely find applications in various industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, textile industries and so on. These are highly efficient to transfer heat or liquid from machines to other. Besides, these industrial heat exchangers are very convenient which are also used for regular inspection to assess the equipment state.

Our vast variety of these products is acclaimed by customers for their high efficiency in heat transfer with reduced loss of energy, trouble-free operations, low maintenance, easy installation and robust construction. Supreme-grade mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and galvanized iron is used for manufacturing these products.

  • Hassle free performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Long functional life
  • Safe and reliable
  • Long functional life
  • Safe and reliable

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Our Air-cooled Heat Exchangers are the preferred solutions for applications which require a great deal of customisation. Mangalam Techno has forced and induced draught systems with design pressures up to 160 bars, comprehensive process control options and various kinds of finned tubes. We have a team of experienced engineers that assist you throughout the design stage, to ensure that all possible challenges are taken into account and their solutions found in the design stage itself.

Design features
A typical face velocity for the air flowing across the tube bundle is 3 m/s. Higher air flows increase both the heat transfer coefficient and the mean temperature difference, thereby reducing the surface area required, but at a higher power consumption. Increased airflow and power also mean greater fan noise, which is an increasingly important factor.

The choice of design ambient temperature is the most critical factor affecting the size of an ACHE. A dry bulb temperature that is not exceeded for 95% of the year is the usual choice, accepting that there may be a cooling shortfall on the hottest days.

Small independent ACHEs can be quite expensive, and it is therefore normal practice to install two or more small units in a shared fan bay. This is particularly useful when several exchangers are to be mounted in a bank with a common tubelength.

Water Cooled Heat Exchangers
We offer excellent quality Water Cooled Heat Exchanger that use atmospheric air for cooling hot air to the atmospheric temperature. In order to circulate the external air, which comprises high pressure drop system of about 100 mm wg, these exchangers can also be designed with high pressure multi stage vane axial fans. Apart from this, our equipment can be used for cooling heavy duty industrial motors in steel plants, cement mills, sugar mills and many such industries.
  • Air conditioning
  • Processing of natural gas
  • Chemical Plants
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Hydraulic Power Packs